Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Question Tag

Lady MacLeod tagged me with these questions forever ago and I have neglected them. Apologies Lady M.

What were you doing ten years ago?

Let's see. I was chasing a corporate marketing career for a large financial services institution in Cape Town. And I was newly married to my good man. We had bought the cottage you see on the right side of the screen - our home, even now while we travel.

What were you doing one year ago?
I was about to leave Glasgow to spend a month in Cape Town helping my Mom care for my Dad. The month turned to six weeks as it became apparent that the lung cancer he had fought for over a year was to take him. Bambi came with me but the Good Man had to stay behind for much of that time. It wasn't great.

One of the many things I learnt through this time was the importance of all family members in times of crisis - the toddler who gives reasons to smile just by being there and the support of a husband shown from afar. The roles we are to play aren't always obvious, but they are always important.

Five snacks you enjoy
Cheese - all types
Cashew nuts
Chocolate (heck, I'm a girl after all!)

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
Twinkle Twinkle little star
Baa Baa Black Sheep
The Wheels on the bus
Chelsea Dagger

I would like to stress that this question required the songs I know the lyrics for - not the songs I listen to after bed time. And that Bambi has a deep affection for the Fratellis, requiring knowledge of the lyrics so that humming can be inserted over inappropriate stanzas.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
In which currency? I was a millionaire in Zambian Kwacha. I bought groceries and paid my bills.
But if I were a pound millionaire I would:
Go for a facial
Renovate my house in South Africa
Take my Mom to Vietnam
Have a shot at persuading the Good Man to consult from home.
Split the difference between Habitat for Humanity and the Starfish Foundation.
I'm actually quite happy with my lot and fear that a truck load of money would quite spoil that.

Five bad habits
I absolutely cannot keep my opinions to myself.
Blogging - which isn't actually bad - but the amount of time I dedicate to it could be considered unhealthy.
I can't say no or exercise restraint when confronted with good food or good wine.
I am loud. Volume is a habit.
I brag about my daughter a lot. She's brilliant and I simply feel the world should know...

Five things you like doing
Reading good blogs - ones that make me laugh and ones that make me cry.
Swimming - I do about 2kms a few times a week
Cooking - especially when I don't have to clean up afterwards.
Painting. This is not to say I'm any good but I enjoy it nonetheless.
Going to the African bush. Wild places heighten the senses and simply make me feel more alive.

Five things you would never wear again
Stilettos - how can they possibly be worth it?
A boobtube. Too much has gone south.
A bikini. Bambi was a big baby. She now has a big mother. I don't feel the need to reveal too much more of this...
My wedding dress - served its purpose.
White lipstick and blue mascara - what was I thinking when I was fourteen!?!

Five favorite toys
Non-misting swimming goggles (although what they allow you to see can be frightening)
The Good Man

I tag:

Reluctant Memsahib
Gwen (with her walking boots)
Annie (whose Blooming Marvelous)


doodaddy said...

Chelsea Dagger? That seems like an outlier, after the ABCs and Wheels on the Bus!

lady macleod said...

fascinating! i tell you i love those things. i actually came over here to leave you this that i came across in the NYTimes this morning...

i have only just figured how to link on my blog, apparently i have not mastered the art of the traveling link, so you must copy and paste, sorry..

Annie said...

I've only come across this now - I'll get on the tag, soon :)

I'm sorry you had that to deal with your Dad, that's tough.

And, I don't know why, but I can't imagine you being loud!

The Good Woman said...

Yes Doodaddy - definite outlier. See next post for details...

Thanks Lady M. We're keeping an eye on the press about the situation over there but I hadn't seen this article.

Hi Annie. Oh yes, VERY LOUD!!!!

laurie said...

white lipstick and blue mascara?

yikes. i wore blue mascara too.

whoever invented it should be .... fill in your favorite torture here.

Motheratlarge said...

Quite right you, to tell the world about your beautiful daughter! I was quite moved reading this posting. It's wonderful to share your love of your daughter with other people. I have a daughter too - and I feel the same way about her.

Anonymous said...

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