Sunday, 22 July 2007

Award from A Broad - 22 July '07

Hurrah! We have logos. Yes, that's plural! Which, given that my budget for this project is, um, well, nothing, isn't half bad.

Trawling the options of free logos has been enlightening. I was really only interested in things that had some connection to the title 'Award from A Broad', which limited me to planes and buxom wenches. Sadly, the buxom wench department was either nearing x-ratedness (is that a word?) or frankly quite ugly.

So the short list is as follows:

Option One: Aeroplane tick
You get it right - a big tick from abroad...

Option Two: Buxom trophy

I find it vaguely disturbing that she appears to be kneeling. And that she appears to be fully clothed except for her chest area. But other than that...

Option Three: Heart globe
Because I luv ya!

Option Four: Daisy
Because that's what we broads do - we give each other flowers.

Option Five: Calendar girl
Because it had to be done.

So now you choose - the poll will be on the side bar.

And on to this weeks award.

I think that many of the readers of this blog are already familiar with this week's recipient but I feel her popularity is no excuse to omit her from my list of Uber-blogs.
Lady MacLeod is a Scottish/American globe traveller currently living in Morocco. She writes about her everyday experiences in Morocco, gives tantalising insights into her love life and potted history lessons. Her interest in current affairs is clear with many thought provoking posts tackling the meaty issues that many of us (or maybe its just me) shy away from while blogging.
She researches her topics but is always humble enough consider other points of view. I have been known to disagree with other bloggers and have become quite annoyed with how many delete comments that aren't in agreement with the post. Not so, with Lady M. Opinions are welcomed and the discussion made more stimulating for it.
Lady MacLeod, may this award be proof that I knew you before you were published.


Reluctant Mem said...

I think you are very clever to have put all those picture thingys on your page. I'd have burned a hole in my laptop had I tried. Or thrown it out the window. Same end result: broken computer. Anyway I like the daisy. And I am too stupid and technically challenged to know how to vote other than to tell you so. I agree - the kneeling concubine, semi-naked look is a little disturbing.

The Good Woman said...

Hi Mem. Just glad your computer's in tact. I have voted on your behalf, but you can vote as many times as you like. You just click the blob next to Daisy and hit 'vote'. Voila!

Iota said...

Even if the kneeling concubine wins, please use your editorial privilege and over-ride the choice. Her nipples are under her armpits. It's very disturbing.

Maybe Rel Mem and I could go on a techie-picture-uploading course somewhere together (in a luxury hotel for a week). I can't even claim awards when I am given them, which is like being given a BAFTA or an Oscar and dropping it.

The Good Woman said...

Yes, Iota, priviledge will be invoked.It was more to illustrate what rubbish 'woman' illustrations were available.

lady macleod said...

I am quite blushing from all the wonderful compliments. You could not have chosen a better day as I am on the last day (i hope) of day three of a killer migraine.

I thank you my friend, and I look forward to us being on the same continent!

I voted, but out of the majority so far. I rather like the significance of you and the aeroplane.

The Good Woman said...

Oh dear Mem. Very sorry to hear about your sore head.

Thanks for voting - as long as it wasn't for the ridiculous statuette I'm happy.

Stay at home dad said...

Yes, richly deserved for her ladyship. Her industry knows no bounds.

I like option 5, but then I would. 1 is probably the most apt and 2 is downright disturbing as has been said!

The Good Woman said...

Yes, SAHD. But which did you vote for???

Stay at home dad said...

5! And then 1.

Amy said...

I like #3 simply because the globe hones in on the pun. Without it, people may not get the "a broad" pun -- at least, I didn't, at first.