Thursday, 12 July 2007

Eyes right->

As some of you may have noticed, democracy has arrived at this blog. After suggestions (mainly from Lady M) and opinions (where Omega Mum and Stay at Home Dad featured strongly), I have drawn up a shortlist for the title of the Sunday Award.

Please vote - it's completely anonymous. So even you lurkers out there who visit but never comment (you know who you are...) can make yourselves heard on this not very weighty issue.


Elsie Button said...

this award thingy you have got going is great - i have discovered some great blogs through you. just voted.

lady macleod said...

I voted yesterday. Polls and those test things - we all love them.

Motheratlarge said...

I've voted. Obviously, it's now between my conscience and the ballot box, so can say no more.

Separately - I've tagged you in a food meme. Is that your sort of thing? Don't worry if not. If you're interested, more details in a posting on M@L on Food, food, earlier this week.

Pepette said...

Busted ... I am one of the lurkers :)
I really enjoy reading your blog and really like the idea of the Sunday award. So I will vote!

The Good Woman said...

Thank you all for voting!

Mother at Large - I read your blog almost every day so have seen the tag - am drafting a response with a variation in the theme as we barely ever eat out. Which is pathetic.

@themill said...

Busted too, but do mass reads rather than regular visits. And I do love the journey over the military road - love the fact you can link it so seamlessly to Africa.