Wednesday, 2 May 2007

And he's off!

Having recently written about my disdain for early mornings I now find myself, at 6 o'clock in the morning, writing a post. I clearly have no spine.

The good man's taxi arrived at 5.15 and I can't get back to sleep. He's off to SA for a week which has the following implications:
  • The toilet seat will remain down.
  • The toilet roll, when finished will be promptly replenished.
  • Leftovers will make it into the fridge.
  • There will either be no juice or some juice, but not a mere tablespoon left in the bottom of the carton delaying the purchase of some more.
  • I will consume all the red meat I wish without concern for his runner's physique.
  • My daughter will consume considerably less chocolate and, therefore not be prone to energy spikes just before bed time.
  • I can sleep positioned like a snow angel.

And yet I can't wait for next Thursday...


beta mum said...

You forgot that you can watch the TV programme of your choice without any humming or hawing in the background...

The Good Woman said...

Fortunately I remembered before the Grey's Anatomy double bill!

lady macleod said...

aw! sweet that is..