Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mothers' Day

Today is Mothers' Day in South Africa. And America. But my Mom is in South Africa, and this is my blog. So it's Mothers' Day in South Africa.

In some ways, my Mom scores. When all the Mother's Day paraphernalia hits the shops in the UK, I am powerless to resist and invariably call my Mom to wish her a happy Mothers' Day. This causes some confusion as, as far as she is concerned, its just another Sunday in March. But she seems happy to hear from me nonetheless.

And then, when the South African version rolls around, I get hundreds (well, maybe it's tens) of emails from friends in SA with Mothers' Day messages. I can't face the thought of my Mom not hearing from her daughter when all around her are surrounded by cards and flowers, so I phone again. She's usually out, celebrating with my brother and his family. But, hell, I try.

I should add, that being a dutiful daughter with a tech savvy Mom and Skype, I speak to my Mom pretty much everyday. Except on South African Mothers' Day, it seems.

Oh well....

PS Happy Mothers' Day Mom!


Annie said...

I have similar challenges around Mother's Day! There is nothing in the stores here for my Mum in March, and, since I call her 'Mum' - all the paraphernalia here has 'Mom' plastered all over it, so I don't buy in May for her either.

Thank goodness for tech savvy mothers, mine is the same and we chat frequently over the webcam - it's a great way for the kids to keep in touch and get to know their relatives in some manner.

Happy South African Mother's Day!

lady macleod said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mum!

lady macleod said...

Hello GW,

I found this site today as I was linking up my blog to as many sites as possible. Whew, like walking uphill. It is for expat women. I haven't had time to explore it yet, but I thought of you.

It looks like it might be good.

The Good Woman said...

Hi Annie

I'm sure your Mum would answer to Mom if you shouted it really loudly!