Friday, 18 May 2007

I'm it!

Yup, I've been tagged. While I do wish I could be blase about it, I actually feel like I've won a popularity contest - thank you Lady M!

You've probably read a few of these lately - the blogger needs to reveal eight facts in their entry and then nominate five other bloggers to do the same.

My eight facts are:

  1. I was born in a coastal village called Hermanus, best known for its annual whale-watching season. At the time it was a tiny little place with no hospital, so I was born on the doctor's couch. The doctor's practice later became an off sales and for years I told people I was born in a bottle store. Surprisingly few considered this strange.
  2. I speak fluent German thanks to a year spent there as a Rotary Exchange Student.
  3. Before coming to the UK I had never used a washing machine, put petrol in a car or done ironing. This was a result of having grown up with other people doing these things for me in South Africa and Zambia - and it is pitiful, I know.
  4. I was surprised at how easy washing machines are to operate and cars are to fuel. But I still don't iron.
  5. Since becoming a mother I have developed an inconvenient fear of flying. I can also not bring myself to take sleeping pills or anything else that may dull my senses while in the air, as I have an irrational belief that I could do something to change my fate if I was plummeting to the ground from 30 000ft.
  6. I love speaking in public. Give me a captive audience and I'm a happy woman.
  7. For my next wedding anniversary I would like to go to Treetops Camp in Kenya.
  8. (This one may not surprise you!) My Good Man reads my blog. And he's not very good with subtle hints.

Dear nominees, the best thing about blog tagging is that there are no repercussions should you choose to ignore this. Lets face it, there are probably no repercussions for ignoring chain letters either but I find it difficult to go to bed when someone has predicted my impending doom for failing to 'pass it on'. Should you choose to ignore this, feel free to get a good night's rest.

That said, I would love to know eight things about:

Reluctant Memsahib

Kerry-Anne at Cape Town Daily Photo

The blooming marvelous Annie

Jenny, our Mountain Mama

And Katie, our resident long-ayelander.


Annie said...

I love reading these, and getting to 'know' more about people. Thanks for the tag too - it'll be good for a nice little blog post before we head off on our trip.

I can relate to your birth story too, must be an African thing. I was delivered in a private doctor's practice, by a doctor whom was also a beef farmer! (he had to subsidise his income).

I don't iron unless I absolutely have to, and I rarely put fuel in the car - I just pretend I don't notice the guage - then hubby does it ;) It's not that it's difficult or anything, just inconvenient.

lady macleod said...

Well done! I love a woman of enthusiasm. Brilliant birth story, I love that. Let's hope the Good Man gets the hint! So you don't actually have a fear of flying do you? It is the fear of crashing and burning, ah ha. there is some validity to that..

Annie said...

mmm wish I hadn't come back and checked these comments with two flights to take next week! ;)

jenny said...

Thanks for the tag! I shall do my best and maybe you'll learn a thing or two about me! (maybe I'LL learn a thing or two about me!)

lady macleod said...

oops! sorry annie...

Word Imp said...

Loved reading your 8 things. I heartily agree about the inability to use an iron. I even considered deliberately marrying a Scotsman so I wouldn't ever have to iron trousers! How naive. But I met a fellow New Zealander instead and he doesn't mind my aversion to ironing. And we have smoething else in common - I also thoroughly enjoy anything to do with speaking in public. Love it. Love it. Or is it just that I love the sound of my own voice? Anyway, thanks for making me feel that someone else in the world enjoys the stage as much as I do! All the best with your wonderful blog.

Omega Mum said...

Ironing becomes even less pointful (more pointless?) with age. Don't start. The only things we have to iron are workshirts. Even so, I tried to get away with ironing front and sleeves only, until my husband said that people were beginning to find the way he backed out of rooms quite scary.

Doodaddy said...

What do you speak about when you're speaking in public?

Just curious...

The Good Woman said...

Annie and Lady M - thanks for the feedback. Now I'll just leave you to chat amongst yourselves!

Jenny - I look forward to it.

Hi there Word Imp. Found your site. Very syrinxesting...

OM. Had to laugh at your comment. But agree - ironing is highly overrated.

Doodaddy, the answer would be anything and it depends. Weddings, for example, require a little somthing different from funerals I find...

reluctant memsahib said...

Thanks Good Woman. Eight things ... I'm working on them. But like you I have developed an irrational and deep seated fear of flying since becoming a mother. The added inconvenience of this is that once I'd have opted for the window (and being mum and boss would naturally have got it), now I cannot bear to sit next to a window and instead have to time trio of children so that they have equal share of 2/8/14 hour flight by bloody window.